Wild Week of Weather: From Nor’easter to Summer-Like Temperatures

We're in for a wild week of weather with rain from a nor'easter Tuesday and then summer-like temperatures towards the end of the week. NBC10 First Alert Weather chief meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz has the details.

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Those showers Monday afternoon and evening are just part of the storm. It's pretty easy to see on radar. The center of the storm was over South Carolina, and the heaviest rain was covering much of North Carolina. CLICK HERE to view. 

That’s a LOT of rain! So, where’s it going? It’s coming our way. Here is a short-range, high-resolution forecast map valid 9am Tuesday. The LOW is right along the North Carolina coast (at the bottom of the screen). The heaviest rain is moving into southern Virginia, while lighter rain is covering our area for the A.M. rush.
Another computer model shows the surface wind gusts at 2pm Tuesday. The 50+ mph gusts are just off the Cape May coast, and 40+ mph gusts are hitting Cape May. The direction: from the East-and those east winds extend out to the right edge of the map. This means hundreds of miles of east winds moving into our area. That adds up to a nasty, rainy, chilly, windy day Tuesday.
How cool does that keep us? This map shows temperatures compared to “normal”.
nAs soon as the Nor’easter moves out and sunshine returns, our temperatures are going to skyrocket. Below are maps from the same model for Thursday afternoon and then late Saturday. We’ve gone from WAAAAY below normal to WAAAAY above normal in just a couple of days.
That suggests temperatures not just reaching the 80s, but possibly even the upper 80s for the weekend. That’s close to record levels for us. The humidity will be pretty high, too, so it’s really going to feel like summer! But our bodies have not adjusted to summer-like weather (or anything close to it). So the weekend is likely to feel uncomfortably hot and humid to many of us. If you’re coming here from Florida, you’ll feel right at home, but the rest of us will need the air conditioners-and maybe want to take a trip to the Shore. Yes, it’s going to be THAT hot.

Stay with the NBC10 First Alert Weather team for the latest forecasts, alerts and up to date radar.

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