Warm Water Comes Early to the Jersey Shore

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What a difference a year makes.

Sure the economy crumbled, we got a new president and even a World Series ring. But, they all pale in comparison to one thing -- the ocean temperature.

Ask any surfer, swimmer or ocean enthusiast and they’ll tell you that this time last year the ocean down the shore was down right frigid.

The Atlantic wasn't welcoming last summer as temperatures averaged between 57 and 61 degrees up until the end of the August, according to MagicSeaWeed.com.

Blame the wind.

The wind last summer blew constantly from the southwest, which then pulled all of the warm surface water out to sea and the colder, deeper, water rose to the shore line.

So the further you got offshore, the warmer the water was.

But the winds have shifted this summer and temps in the 70s were predicted for most South Jersey shores in July and August.

With the sun out for the first time in what seemed like forever, weekend ocean temperatures already rose to the lower 70s, an earlier-than-usual warming.

So bathing suits were dusted off, suntan lotion was applied and surfboards were waxed up because it seems Mother Nature heard the cries of Atlantic aficionados and gave them just what they wanted -- a day at the beach. And, with the warm water there should be plenty of great beach days this summer.

Of course the warmer water arrived just in time for the big July Fourth weekend.

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