Wife of Delco Mayor Carjacked at Gunpoint

The wife of a Delaware County mayor thanked God that she made it through a terrifying carjacking late last night.

Investigators say the wife of the mayor of Chester, Pennsylvania was carjacked at gunpoint Wednesday night.

According to police, Deena Linder parked her gold Ford Taurus in front of her home on the 500 block of Reaney Street in Chester City around 10 p.m.

Suddenly, police say, three men, at least one armed with a gun, approached the vehicle and demanded that she get out.

"When I looked they were right in front of me," said Linder.

Linder got out of her vehicle and the suspects drove off.

Linder was not hurt during the ordeal.

"It's very upsetting, it's something no one should ever have to go through," said Linder. "I just thank God I came through it."

Police eventually recovered Linder's car while a K-9 unit tracked the three suspects to their home a short distance away. Police say all three men were arrested, taken into custody and processed. They have not yet revealed their identities.

The car was recovered at W 7th and Norris Streets in Chester.

In addition to his role as mayor, John Linder is also the director of the City Department of Public Affairs, which oversees the Chester Police Department.

The mayor says he believes the entire incident was a "random act of violence."

"She happened to be coming back at the same time that they happened to be coming down the street and the was it."

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