She's a Housewife, Not a Terrorist!

Carol Anne Bond was definitely ticked off when she went after her husband's mistress.

First she made phone threats, like "I'm going to make your life a living hell" and "dead people will visit you." Wired blogger Noah Shachtman had a nice, short take on Bond's "deranged" but rather creative means of revenge.

Bond ultimately went after the other woman (who'd also had a baby with Bond's husband) by leaving deadly chemicals on the woman's front door handle and in the tail pipe of her car.

Bond knew a thing or two about chemicals. She had worked as a lab technician for Rohm & Haas.

The victim was not hurt.

But Bond ended up in prison for six years after being convicted under a chemical-weapon law that her appeals attorney says was meant for terrorists, not housewives.

Attorney Robert Goldman told a federal appeals court Monday that Bond was wrongly prosecuted. He argued that the statute is flawed and was misapplied. U.S. prosecutors say it's appropriate.

Don't worry, we'll give you a heads up when the ruling comes in on this one.

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