Philadelphia Councilman Proposes High-Tech Pothole Patch

A Philadelphia City Councilman wants to bring some high-tech pothole repair equipment to Philadelphia.

A new infrared pothole repair system would be good for fixing the craters that pop up on city streets year round, said Councilman David Oh.

"Which basically takes two people takes 15 minutes to seal the pothole," he said. "It's permanenly sealed."

Since the system uses heat, Oh said, crews don't have to wait for warm weather to patch potholes.

"The trucks can go out in cold weather to seal the pothole," he said.

Oh has introduced a nonbinding resolution, urging the city Department of Streets to try the new hole-filling system.

But department officials were cool to Oh's plan, saying they already use a version of infrared patch and that conventional patches work better.

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