Who to Call With Ride Share Complaints

NBC10 Responds recently received a call about how difficult it was for a Hatboro, Pennsylvania, woman to get a refund for a ride in which she claims she was overcharged.

In addition to going directly to a company like Lyft or Uber to seek a refund or file a complaint, customers can also go to state or local government oversight agencies. Here is a link for residents of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Complaints, concerns or questions regarding Uber, Lyft or any TNC or public carrier should be directed to the Office of Public Carrier at or by calling 1-800-652-3278, option 7, Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4 PM.


Customers should expect a return contact on every complaint filed with the PPA-TLD.  We have a dedicated telephone line, 215-683-9444 and email account for TNC complaints, which is  When messages are received by email, a automated message is returned to the sender stating "Thank you for contacting TLD Enforcement. Please send us a telephone number where you can be contacted by an investigator.  If your complaint concerns a trip provided by Uber or Lyft, then please forward a screenshot of the trip. (This is found in the "history folder")". 

Rest of Pennsylvania

PA Complaints outside of Philly go to the Pennsylvania Utilities Commission. Here's a link to their complaint page.

New Jersey

NJ Complaints go to the Attorney General’s office of Consumer Affairs. Here's a link to their complaint page.

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