Who to Call Before Digging Up Your Next Project

Today, 8/11, serves as a reminder for all customers and contractors to call 811 to have underground utility lines marked before digging into the ground for any projects.

Nationwide, every six minutes someone damages an underground utility line because of digging without first calling 811, according to the Common Ground Alliance. 

Summer is a time for all types of digging projects that warrants a 811 call, such as installing a mailbox, building a deck or planting a tree.

Making the call can prevent striking an underground electric or natural gas line, which can cause serious injury, damages and service interruptions.

PECO has nearly 9,000 circuit miles of underground electric lines, 12,000 miles of natural gas distribution and service lines, and 31 miles of natural gas transportation lines buried throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.

Even properties that are not served by a particular service may still have utility lines running below ground.

When calling 811, customers and contractors are connected to PA One Call to provide information about their project, they will then notify PECO and the utilities will mark their underground facilities.

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