Snow Vs. Sweat: Which is Worse?

Would you rather be sweating….or shoveling snow?

NBC Philadelphia

Alright, so we know it’s hot, there’s no arguing that, but think about this -- a few months ago, we were shoveling our way out of one of the snowiest winters in Philadelphia history.

But before you open your mouth to complain about how hot it is outside, let us ask you this -- Which is worse -- Snow or sweat? The heat or the cold? Blizzards or heatwaves?

Yes, we know, the heat stinks (in some cases, literally, depending on how well your deodorant works), but we’re pretty sure, a short while ago, you were moaning about bundling up and heading outside in the cold.

And we’re not saying that one is worse than the other. Oppressive heat has proven to be extremely dangerous – hyperthermia, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and, in some cases, death. While extreme snow and cold can cause slips, falls, backaches, car accidents and various other conditions.

It seems like as far as Philly is concerned, Mother Nature can't win. Most Philadelphians are going to have something to say no matter what the weather, but you gotta have an opinion as to which is worse. 

So let us know, do you prefer shoveling snow to sweating or the other way around?

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