On National Donut Day (Or Any Day), Here's Philly's Trendiest Shop

Philadelphians, it’s not too late to celebrate National Donut Day.

And really: Shouldn't it be National Donut Day every day?

The trendiest place these days to get a donut -- and some fried chicken while you're indulging in the calories -- is Federal Donuts, which made Thrillist's 2016 list of best donut shops in America earlier this year. 

The popular donut shop was the only one in Philadelphia ranked among the annual “33 Best Donut Shops in America."

“Chef Michael Solomonov’s ode to the simple pleasures of chicken, donuts, and coffee continues to be one of the best places in the country to get a simple honey donut and some delicious fried chicken,” Thrillist's Kevin Alexander wrote. “But if you want to just stick to the donuts, the old-fashioned glazed if as perfect a single donut as you’re going to find on the East Coast.”

Alexander says he and his co-writer, Liz Childer’s picked the list in a pretty simple way: by eating a lot of donuts and writing down the ones they liked.

Federal Donuts has five locations in Philadelphia, including a spot inside Citizen’s Bank Park.

Uwishunu, the city's tourism and marketing agency, listed six Philly hotspots, including more traditional joints like Bieler's at Reading Terminal and Frangelli's Bakery in South Philadelphia.

Don't worry if you can't try them on this national day of donuts. You don't need a day -- or an excuse -- to eat a donut. Who's counting (the calories)?

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