Where is Vianela Tavera? Mom of 5 Was Believed to be Headed to Philly; Search for Her Continues

Authorities across several states are still searching for a woman who was supposed to be traveling to Philadelphia -- but hasn't been seen for more than a week.

And police say they believe Vianela Tavera, 50, has been harmed.

Tavera lives in New York but has family in Camden. She's the mom of five children.

Her SUV has been found in Virginia, along with a man she knew: Luis Negron Martinez.

Martinez, who is from Philadelphia, was found in the car with a gun. Police said he needed medical attention when he was found, but he's now in custody in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Police are questioning Martinez. They did not say how the two knew each other.

"We're asking for the public's help right now in figuring this all out and locating Vianela," said Lt. Eli Cory of Fairfax County police. 

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