What's Wrong With This Picture?

SEPTA snafu!

Look closely at this SEPTA Beer Week day pass.  Do you see a problem?

No, everything is spelled correctly.

Here's a hint: Philly Beer Week takes place in Philly.

Still don't see a problem?  Well, if Beer Week takes place in Philly, why is the New York City skyline featured on the pass?

Duh!  You can clearly see the Empire State Building in the background.  That's no Billy Penn.

Apparently, the pass was designed by graphic artists who didn't take a close look at the stock photo they used for the background, SEPTA spokeswoman Jerri Williams said.

Hey, mistakes happen.

New passes with the correct skyline are being printed at "minimal" cost, but both passes will be accepted by SEPTA during Beer Week, Williams told KYW.

SEPTA is selling the one-day pass to get you around Philly for only $9 during Beer Week.  This way you can sip safely without driving.

Beer Week runs from March 6 to March 15.

Additional Mistakes:

  • As some have mentioned in the comments below, Beer "Week" is not seven, but 10 days long.  The name of the event was not coined by SEPTA, however.  But, good point!
  • Other readers noticed there is no comma between 12 and 13. 
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