What Would You Do With a Montgomery County Orchard? Ringing Hill for Sale for $3.8 Million

An orchard that defined a region of western Montgomery County for three generations is on the sales block. It sits on some gorgeous hills overlooking Pottstown.

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Bob Romig examines one of the apple trees that remain on his former Ringing Hill Orchards north of Pottstown, Montgomery County.
Brian X. McCrone/NBC10.com
Bob Romig said his orchard for years produced 13,000 bushels of fruit a year.
Brian X. McCrone/NBC10.com
Customers from across the region in western Montgomery County came to buy apples and cider out of the now-shuttered orchard store on Bleim Road in Lower Pottsgrove.
Brian X. McCrone/NBC10.com
Ruth Romig's father, William Hampton, founded Ringing Hill Orchards in 1931 as a way to branch out the family holdings. Hampton was one of Pottstown's most prominent pre-Depression Era builders.
Brian X. McCrone/NBC10.com
A For Sale sign on Bleim Road.
Brian X. McCrone/NBC10.com
The Romig family closed Ringing Hill Orchards in 2014.
Brian X. McCrone/NBC10.com
Bob Romig said the orchard once consisted of 7,500 trees, Most were apple trees, but some also produced peaches, plums and apricots.
Brian X. McCrone/NBC10.com
A water tank marks the highest point of the 88-acre orchard. Bob Romig said his family has often come up to the spot in the summer to watch fireworks, which he said can be seen "in six different directions" at once.
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