What Caused the Sky to Turn Shades of Pink, Yellow and Orange After Tuesday’s Severe Storms?

[UGCPHI-CJ-weather]This was after the crazy storm passed- Mystic Islands

What caused the beautiful sunset over the area following severe storms that rolled through? NBC10 Chief Meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz said it could be hail.

NBC10 was flooded with amazing photos of pink, orange and even yellow sunset skies over Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware following a line of strong storms Tuesday evening.

NBC10 Chief Meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz said the striking orange sky that followed the storm was created by the way the setting sun reflected off the heavy clouds as the storm moved out.

“The clouds are so dark, and they may have hail in them,” Schwartz said. “The sun reflects off the hailstones.”

Schwartz said the timing was key for the stunning skies. “At 2 in the afternoon, we wouldn’t have seen that,” he said.

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