Neighbors, Firefighters Help Rescue Children From Burning Building

An early morning fire on North 52nd Street forced people from the their homes. Firefighters and Good Samaritans were there to help.

What to Know

  • An early Monday morning fire forced people from the their West Philly homes. Firefighters and Good Samaritans were there to help.
  • At least one family had to drop children from windows to escape the smoke and flames. The Family says everyone is expected to be OK.
  • The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Witnesses said they helped rescue children lowered from windows in a West Philadelphia house fire early Monday.

The blaze erupted around 2 a.m. along North 52nd Street near Girard Avenue. A check cashing business and clothing store are on the ground floor while people live in apartments on the second and third floors.

Before firefighters arrived, a group of witnesses jumped into action to help as heavy smoke filled the apartments. Cellphone video showed at least one man on the second floor landing and helping firefighters as flames shot from the building.

Nadir Darby, who lives in one of the apartments with his family of seven, said the smoke prevented them from going down the stairs.

“The only way out was through the window, once they got the ladder’s up there it just was a matter of getting everybody out,” Darby said.

Witnesses, including Hakim Laws, said they helped lower children to safety as firefighters arrived.

Good Samaritans and witnesses said that at least six children were treated for smoke inhalation at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. A man could be seen being taken from the scene on a stretcher. Firefighters didn't reveal anyone's condition, but the family said that the children are expected to be OK.

It took firefighters a little more than 30 minutes to get the blaze under control. Firefighters haven't revealed a cause for the fire.

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