Red Cross Fire Safety Walkthroughs in West Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Lori Brown

The local Red Cross will be holding its largest fire safety walkthrough in Philadelphia Tuesday. The event will be held in Mantua and Powelton, in an effort to reduce the amount of fires and fire fatalities in both of these West Philadelphia neighborhoods, which both receive a high volume of fires each year.

The fire prevention run-through will start around 10 a.m. Tuesday, with more than 1,200 fire safety kits distributed to residents in Drexel Park (33rd and Powelton). Inside the kits, residents can find potentially life-saving information on the importance of smoke alarms, fire prevention techniques, and information on how to react if there is a fire. Families will also receive help in planning a fire escape plan in their home, with an added pet-friendly bonus.

The local Red Cross distributes more than 10,000 fire safety kits each year. Mantua, which is known to receive an especially high rate of fires each year, has currently received 345 fire-related phone calls from nearby residents.

A dozen Red Cross personnnel and over 100 NRG Energy employees from across the country will be conducting the fire security walkthoughs.

The fire safety walkthrough is part of national preparedness month. To find out how many fires have happened in your Philadelphia neighborhood click here.

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