A Rainy Friday Down the Jersey Shore & at Delaware Beaches?

An area of low pressure will be South of the area on Friday -- this will give the highest rain chances to Delaware and New Jersey through the day Friday, with the bulk of the moisture staying even farther south.

There’s always a chance with this weather set-up that some heavy rain could lead to localized street flooding, especially if your area is prone to flooding. Computer models are in better agreement now that the low will track farther south of the area, so rain should mainly be confined to New Jersey and Delaware, although some showers could easily move into the Philadelphia area. Driest spots will be areas north and west of Philadelphia -- the Lehigh Valley and Poconos will have much lower rain chances, around 20 percent.

Once Saturday morning rolls around, an area of high pressure to our west will help move this low offshore. As of now, it looks to move out through the day Saturday, and with the placement of it being farther south and east in the Atlantic, the areas which could still see lingering rain Saturday morning would be along the Jersey Shore and possibly Delaware beaches. A few models still move the area of low pressure out more slowly, which would mean longer periods of rain for the shore on Saturday, but those models are becoming the minority now.

Given the atmospheric set-up, if the low moves out on time Saturday (which more models are hinting toward) conditions look to improve during the day along the shore. Philadelphia area and north and west should have a drier, mostly sunny day. The movement of this weather pattern will still need close watching come Friday evening.

Sunday will be a mostly sunny day for everyone with some afternoon clouds developing.

: Sun & clouds, 77 degrees, 20-percent shower chance
Philadelphia: Mostly cloudy, 82 degrees, 50-percent shower chance
Shore/Beaches: Cloudy, 78 degrees, 80-percent rain likely, east wind of 10 to 20 mph

Poconos: Mostly sunny, 77 degrees
Philadelphia: Mostly sunny, 84 degrees
Shore/Beaches: Clouds breaking, 40-percent chance of morning showers, 80 degrees, northeast wind 20 to 30 mph

Poconos: Mostly sunny, 79 degrees
Philadelphia: Mostly sunny, 85 degrees
Shore/Beaches: Mostly sunny, 81 degrees, northeast wind 10 to 20 mph

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