WebcamGate Prompts New Computer Policies in Lower Merion

School district passes new guidelines banning use of tracking software without written consent from parents

The Lower Merion School Board gives the thumbs up to new policies regarding the district's notebook computer program for students.
The new policies, approved Monday night, grew out of an alleged spying scandal in the district.

Two students filed lawsuits, claiming district workers spied on them using the webcams built into their school-issued notebook computers.

Both students allege the district took thousands of photos and screenshots -- including times when the students were sleeping in their bedrooms.

The school district emphatically denies that the pre-installed remote access software was used to spy. Rather, they say, it was being used to find computers believed to be lost or stolen.

As part of the new protocol, school employees won't be allowed to remotely access student computers without written permission from the student and their parents.

Both lawsuits are still pending. There's also a federal investigation into whether the district violated any wiretapping laws still open.

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