Wawa's Sand Sculpture Spectacular to Be Repurposed for Disaster Relief

Wawa Welcome America’s 40-ton Sand Sculpture Spectacular that has been on display at The Rotunda at The Shops at Liberty Place came down Wednesday, Aug. 15, to be repurposed for disaster relief.

The sand used in the large Wawa Welcome America exhibit is set to be donated to the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management for use at disasters scenes. A dozen employees from Wawa Welcome America's festival partner SERVPRO dismantled the sculpture and bagged around 1,500 flood bags of sand. The sand bags will be used in future emergencies.

The Sand Sculpture Spectacular from this year’s festival commemorated the centennial celebration of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and featured other historical, Philadelphia-related pieces.

Wawa Welcome America is an annual seven-day festival culminating with a day-long party on the parkway, concert and fireworks July 4th. The Sand Sculpture Spectacular was one of the first exhibits opened as part of 2018’s celebration which highlighted American history, education and Philadelphia.

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