Wawa Hoagiefest Re-Brands as It Returns With Discounted Hoagies

Wawa's 2018 Hoagiefest features $3 Junior, $4 Shorti and $5 Classic hoagies

“Hoagiefest is here again,” even if the familiar Wawa jingles and hippie themes of years' past aren’t back.

Wawa is releasing its new “reinvented” Hoagiefest campaign on Monday.

“In the summer, hoagies reign supreme at Wawa,” Wawa chief brand officer Jim Morey said. “Since we crafted our first hoagie decades ago, Wawa hoagies have been enjoyed anywhere and everywhere. That’s what this new look is all about.”

Gone are the 1960s-inspired, psychedelic, Yellow Submarine-ish themes and graphics (so long Wawa Hoagie Balloon). So, what’s the new ad campaign all about?

“Our all-new Hoagiefest campaign celebrates the role hoagies play in summertime fun and the state of mind they represent,” Morey said.

The ads feature people having fun in the sun from weddings to baseball parks to beaches (maybe that idea is old) and contemporary music.

A lifeguard with binoculars is the first clue of the new look that has popped up but you will also be part of the new ad campaign.

“Wawa stores will have all-new original decorations and selfie stations to help create the unique Hoagiefest state of mind and generate excitement through the summer,” the company said in a news release.


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“We’re thrilled to kick-off an all-new Hoagiefest this year to celebrate hoagies and our associates who create them, all while bringing customers their favorite Wawa food at great value prices,” Morey said.

During Hoagiefest (June 18 to Aug. 5), all area Wawa stores will offer $3 Junior, $4 Shorti and $5 Classic hoagies.

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