Undermined Street After Water Main Break Leads to 3-Week Closure

Residents have water again after a water main break in Northeast Philadelphia but the inconvenience caused by the break is just beginning.

A 12-inch main burst overnight along the 9700 block of Verree Road in the city’s Bustleton section sending hundreds of gallons of water up from the ground while knocking out water service to 15 homes for more than 12 hours.

Water department crews stopped the water flow and restored water service by 1:30 p.m. but the damage is done.

John Digiulio with the Philadelphia Water Department said Verree Road will remain closed over a 0.2 mile-stretch from Welsh Road to Pine Hill Avenue for at least three weeks, possibly longer, as crews work on long-term repairs. Digiulio said the roadway was undermined from curb to curb.

The buckling of the asphalt was clear Monday morning.

Bustleton Avenue could be used as an alternate route but there really aren't any direct parallel routes in that area.

No one was hurt during the break. One home was evacuated.

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