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WATCH: SNL Does Delco — Accent, Hoagies and All — in Parody of ‘Mare of Easttown'

Are they making fun of us or the show? Or both? (We don't care.)

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Is Delco having a moment?

Our small, densely populated county west of Philly has been the butt of plenty of local jokes over the years. The accent. The over-decorating for St. Patrick's Day. The passion over important things, such as football, family ties and hoagies.

(Let 'em joke. Nobody likes us. We don't care.)

But suddenly our own Delaware County is everywhere thanks to the success of HBO's "Mare of Easttown," a crime and family drama set in a fictional, lower-Delco-ish 'burb.

Saturday, Saturday Night Live parodied the show.

As we are proud Delco residents, we watched the SNL skit, called "Murder Durder: An Extremely Pennsylvania Crime Show." Our verdict: Kinda funny.

Sure, they were laying on the accent thick for laughs. No one we know says "dooodter" for "daughter." And we've never seen a pretzel vape. But we do like Wawa hoagies, and there are a lot of creeks here.

There's a particularly funny bit when Kate McKinnon and Bowen Yang get to name-drop Downington, Royersford, Hockessin and Conshohocken in their laid-on-thick accents -- and the visiting cop has no idea what they are saying.

The skit was co-written by SNL writer Sudi Green, who hails from Newark, Delaware.

Yang does a particularly nice job making fun of the way we talk, mush-mouthing "ooohveh ther." McKinnon shows off an effective use of "youse" and "cousint."

But Chloe Fineman has the best fake-Delco accent, popping out "she got hohme on her owhn" like a native. (Not that anyone we know has an accent.)

Both Gritty and Elon Musk (as a priest) make appearances in the skit, which has to be the first time that sentence has ever been written.

Of course, "Mare of Easttown" verges into parody itself sometimes. The show takes great pains to announce "WE ARE TALKING ABOUT DELAWARE COUNTY."

Kate Winslet, who stars in the HBO show, has said she worked hard to appreciate our home, including subscribing to the Delaware County Times and eating, yes, Wawa hoagies.

It's made mention of Riddle Hospital and slid a reference to Ridley Township into an early scene. One character is seen sleeping under an Eagles fleece blanket.

We get it.

"Highly accurate," reads a fake review in the SNL skit. "The writers clearly Googled. They knew the foods and the towns."

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