Gloucester City

Watch: NJ Officers Rescue Woman Trapped in Submerged Car

NBC Universal, Inc.

New body camera footage shows the frantic moments when a group of police officers jumped into the Delaware River to rescue a woman who was trapped in a submerged car.

The video shows officers and civilians looking on at the overturned car in the waters off Freedom Pier in Gloucester City, New Jersey, as they race to pull the woman out.

“The car’s upside down. The whole top is submerged,” one officer says, apparently radioing to a dispatcher.

Three Gloucester City Police Department officers, identified by the department as officers Sean Gartland and John Bryszewski, as well as detective Sgt. Carlos Depoder, then go down a wall and into the water to search for the woman.

The officers surround the car and spot the woman, pulling her out and rendering medical aid while still in the water.

“You got her. You got her. You got her,” one officer shouts from the edge of the wall. “Hold her head back,” an officer screams as the trio of fellow officers in the water bring the woman toward the wall.

The officers then load the woman onto a boat commandeered by a good Samaritan.

The police department said the officers continued rendering aid until relieved by paramedics and firefighters.

Divers did not find anyone else in the water, the department said.

The rescue happened April 28. Police said Friday that the woman was recovering at a local hospital.

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