WATCH: Eagles Tailgaters Take a Dip in the Hot Tub

With the freezing cold temperatures, Eagles fans at the Linc are using a variety of ways to stay warm while tailgating, whether it be fire pits or several layers of clothing. Then of course, there’s the occasional hot tub.

An NBC10 viewer sent us an email giving us the location of the hot tub tailgaters. NBC10's Tim Furlong followed the lead and sure enough found four Eagles fans sitting in the hot tub while sipping beers.

“You guys on the news all week said it was gonna be cold, cold, cold, down here right?!” asked Dennis, one of the tailgaters. "How do you fight cold? A freakin’ hot tub right?!”

That’s right Dennis.

Watch the hot tub tailgaters in all their glory in the video embedded above.

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