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WATCH: Driver Uses Work Truck to Push Van Out of Parking Spot

The driver of a work truck was caught on camera intentionally bumping into a van along a South Philly street and pushing it several feet in order to clear space for a parking spot. NBC10’s Steven Fisher speaks with outraged neighbors who say the van no longer works.

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While it’s always been tough to find street parking in Philadelphia, one driver’s actions caused outrage in a South Philly neighborhood. 

Surveillance video from Monday afternoon shows a white work truck pulling up behind an empty tan van along West Porter Street in South Philly. The truck then bumps into the van and pushes it 20 to 30 feet, clearing space for a parking spot. 

“But mind you there was a big open space in front of her,” Crystal Ebinger, a neighbor, told NBC10. “And he just pushed it like it was trash.” 

The video then shows the driver getting out and walking off with gas cans in his hand. A day later, the van remained in the exact same spot where the driver of the work truck pushed it. The rear tail-light was cracked and neighbors who know the van’s owners say the vehicle won’t work. 

“And then when the woman went to go start it yesterday, it didn’t start on her,” Ebinger said. “She’s so upset. I felt bad for the woman.” 

While neighbors called the driver’s actions inexcusable, they also say similar behavior happens way more than it should amid the city’s parking wars and often goes unreported. 

Anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation is advised to file a report with Philadelphia Police. 

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