New Jersey

WATCH: Deer Causes Damage Inside South Jersey Church

Staff at the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lakewood, New Jersey received quite a shock Monday after they found books, blood and broken glass spread out across the floor in the pastor’s office.

“It looks like a crime scene,” said Ave Maria Blithe, an employee at the church.

At first they believed a burglar had broken in. That was until they noticed the fur on the ground. After reviewing surveillance video they discovered the intruder was actually a deer.

“Maybe the poor deer was just looking for spiritual guidance,” Blithe said.

Surveillance video from inside the church shows the deer running through the church. Police said the deer likely became disoriented after running into a cinder-block. The deer also crashed through a window on the first floor, trashing the pastor’s office in the process. The animal made its escape by jumping out of the same window.

“We’re really sorry that it looks like the deer did get hurt,” said Eda Tremuth, vice president of Estonian. “Lakewood does have quite a deer population.”

Check out surveillance video of the deer in the video embedded above.

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