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WATCH: 84-Year-Old Man Rescues Woman After Car Crashes in West Philly

“I just ran down the steps, bad back and all.”

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Wendell Storey has seen a lot in his 84 years but nothing quite like what transpired Monday afternoon when a woman’s car flipped over in the middle of his West Philadelphia neighborhood. But the shock didn’t stop Storey from jumping into action and saving the woman’s life in a dramatic caught on cam rescue.

The woman was driving along 53rd and Locust streets around 2:30 p.m. Monday when she lost control of her vehicle. A ring camera captured the moment her car flipped over, trapping her underneath. 

Several neighbors in the area heard the car crash. But Storey was the first one to take action.

“People seemed to be frozen,” Storey said. “They wouldn’t move to the car to do what I did. And that is not me.”

Storey rushed into the street to help the woman. 

“I didn’t think about anything but getting her out of the car,” Storey said. “So I just ran down the steps, bad back and all.”

Video captured the dramatic rescue. 

“So I went to the driver’s side and I pulled the door and it didn’t give but then it gave and I ripped the door open, reached in and scooped her out of the car and walked her over to the steps in the shade with some help from one of my neighbor’s sons,” Storey said. 

Another neighbor who helped was Jawana McClendon who had just stepped outside when the overturned car struck her van. 

“When I opened the door she was trying to climb out and I got the door open and then I saw two gentlemen pick her up and take her over and walk her across the street to get her safe,” McClendon said.

Storey stayed with the woman to help calm her down.

“I calmed her. Stayed with her,” Storey said. “Brought as much of the adrenaline down as I possibly could so that she could begin to breathe easy.”

The woman was taken to the hospital and is currently in stable condition. 

Despite his heroic rescue, Storey doesn’t consider himself a hero. 

“I don’t consider myself a hero,” he said. “Automatic reflexes.”

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