Warning: Flip-flops Can Kill You

Most people wear flip-flops for comfort, but according to a new study, they might be putting your health at risk.

Doctors from the University of Miami visited the Today’s Show on Tuesday and hit the streets testing the flops of passersby and what they revealed is sick – literally.

Among other things, your favorite summer staple can provide shelter to Staphylococcus aureus, a deadly germ that can invade your body, especially if you have an open cut or blister, causing a Staph infection and potentially killing you.
The easiest way to combat nasty bacteria? Well, besides not wearing flip-flops at all buy new ones often and wear them around the pool or your house only.

Finding them this late in the season might be challenging since most of the stores are switching to their fall lines, but don’t panic, we’ve found some places where you can still get the popular footwear – and for half the price!
Stock up at Old Navy where you can get flip-flops starting at just $2.50. J-Crew, Nine West and Aldo Shoes still have plenty in stock, too. All three stores are having end of the summer sales with flops starting at just $6.99.
Remember, you don’t have to abandon your favorite summer shoe all together just try to wear them moderately to avoid any unwanted visitors.    

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