Wanted Man Arrested Wearing ‘Inmate' Costume

Man wanted by police was arrested on Halloween, already wearing a prison uniform

Perhaps in a rare moment of self-realization, a western Pennsylvania man wanted by police chose to wear a jail inmate costume for Halloween. He was arrested that day and arraigned in court still wearing the black-and-white striped prison pajamas.

The Washington County Jail soon replaced his costume with the more modern version: a bright-orange jumpsuit.

Gregory Moon, 22, of Charleroi, was arrested for possessing a stolen handgun and for yelling insults at an officer early Monday morning, police told the Observer-Reporter.

Moon was arrested after police responded at about 2:45 a.m. to a disturbance and a car stuck in front of an apartment he was at in Donora.

When police arrived, Moon’s roommate, Anthony James “Jinx” Law, ran away while Moon stood in the doorway in his prison uniform shouting insults and profanity at the police officer, reports the Observer-Reporter.

Police say they arrested “Jinx” Law who allegedly fought with officers, and then nabbed Moon on a warrant for allegedly possessing a stolen gun.

Moon was given a bright orange jumpsuit when a district judge sent him to the Washington County Jail where he has yet to post $250,000 bond, according to the newspaper.

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