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A Home For Sam: Former NJ Tent City Resident Gets His Own ‘Tiny Home'

Sam Dill, the New Jersey homeless man who broke hearts last year when video of him watching a bulldozer destroy the tent he called home went viral on YouTube, had a brand new place of his own on Thursday, after a charity began building him a "tiny home" that he can move anywhere.

Make it Rain, a Harleysville-based nonprofit that helps communities in need, began raising money for Dill, 76, after his tent-home in Lakewood, N.J.'s infamous Tent City homeless encampment was razed in July by the township. As of Thursday, $11,615 of the $15,000 goal had been raised.

Residents of Tent City were placed into temporary housing in a hotel -- but the temporary housing for many recently ran out, according to Max Jones, a spokesman for Make it Rain.

On Thursday, volunteers started building a "tiny home" for Dill, who is originally from Old Bridge, N.J., in Sellersville, Bucks County -- but, Jones said, Dill won't be tethered to where the house was built. They expect it to be done within a month.

"It's on a trailer so he can take it around the country," said, adding that there are sites in some states where tiny mobile homes are allowed to stay, sometimes on government-owned land.

"We're building a tiny home for Sam, a man whose home was destroyed in front of the world -- because of political pressure," the charity's web site reads below the heartbreaking YouTube video of the man watching his tent house be destroyed. "Give five seconds to help Sam."

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