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Visitor Charged After Racial Slur Found Written in Rowan University Dorm

In a letter to students, Rowan said security cameras helped identify two suspects who did not attend the university

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In a letter to students on Thursday, Rowan University announced it had identified the person who wrote a racial slur on a freshman’s dormitory room door last weekend, and the male has been charged.

Rowan President Dr. Ali Houshmand said security cameras helped identify two people who were visiting a student who lives in the residence hall.

After a joint investigation between Rowan University Police and the New Jersey Office of Attorney General Bias Crime Unit, a charge was pressed against the person who wrote the racial slur, Houshmand wrote.

The camera footage also provided information about a third male suspect, Rowan officials said.

“While this attack may have seemed trivial to the perpetrators involved, such serious actions can have long-term consequences on people’s lives,” said in a letter to students.

The slur was scribbled on the door of a first-year Black female student in the Holly Pointe Commons on Saturday, NBC10’s Cydney Long reported.

“On one of the decorations was a racial slur, so she took it down,” Rowan’s Vice President of University Relations Joe Cardona said. “But then she’s reporting when she came back, it was written again.”

According to Rowan, all three males will be banned from the Glassboro campus and the student who let them in will be held accountable.

“This reprehensible incident should serve as a reminder that students are responsible for their guests and for each other,” wrote the university president.

The university reminded students and staff of their available support and counselors.

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