Masked Gunmen Chase Down Man, Kill Him Just Feet From Philadelphia Home

A pair of masked gunmen stood over their victim as they fired the deadly shots early Wednesday.

The 22-year-old victim had just parked his car and was returning to it after stopping into his home along Viola Street near N 42nd Street in Philadelphia’s Parkside neighborhood around 2 a.m. when two gunmen emerged from a vacant lot and began chasing the victim, said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

"They began firing shots at him, when the victim collapsed, both of the shooters stood over the victim and continued... to fire shots from point-blank range," said Small.

Officers patrolling the area heard the gunshots and rushed to the scene where they found the man with multiple gunshot wounds to his head, said investigators.

Medics from a neighboring fire station pronounced the man dead. His body remained under a sheet in the middle of the street while police searched for clues.

Small said the shooters likely used revolvers since investigators didn't find any shell casings.

"Both of these males were wearing ski masks and white T-shirts," said Small.

Police spook with witnesses as well as family members as they searched for the gunmen. Anyone with information is asked to contact Philly Police.

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