Local College Launches 2 Data-Driven Degrees

Big data can have big-time benefits for businesses. But it’s useless without the analytic know-how.
Villanova gets that. That’s why the university’s business school wants its students to be able to develop the skills and knowledge needed in an increasingly data-driven economy.

On Thursday, the university launched its Master of Science in Analytics program, which will be ready for students this fall. The program — offered in an online format only — will teach students the whole analytics continuum, from data collection to analysis to implementation. (While Villanova is touting it as a major win, some wonder if online is the best avenue for that kind of study.)

Also slated for a fall 2014 kickoff is Villanova’s online Master in Business Administration degree. It boasts convenience and flexibility for students, who will be taught with the university’s same MBA curriculum by the same faculty, for almost the same price. Read more about this story on PBJ.com

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