Christie Tweets Bawling Boy Who Want to Be NJ Governor

Christie responds to devastated 4-year-old who wants to be the governor of New Jersey NOW

A YouTube video of an Old Bridge, N.J. boy crying in the back seat of his parents’ car, and lamenting the fact that he can’t be the governor of his home state, has gone viral and the 4-year-old has gotten a gubernatorial response.

When little Jesse Koczon’s mother asks him why he’s sobbing, he says, “Cause everyone is telling me I’m too small to be the governor of New Jersey.”

When asked why he can’t be the governor, Jesse bawls, “Because I’m too small and I wanna.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tweeted the hilariously torn-up toddler, whose YouTube video was posted Feb. 14 and soon went viral, a reassuring response:

“Don’t worry Jesse, people gave plenty of reasons why I couldn't be Governor, though being too small wasn't one of them.”

Jesse is in the back seat with his twin brother Brandon, as their parents, Dawn and Jon Koczon of Old Bridge, N.J., asks them questions about the governors of California and New Jersey.

Though the video was recently posted to YouTube, the Koczons shot it on Election Day in November 2009, Dawn Koczon told the Asbury Park Press.

"They were mad because they couldn't vote,” Dawn Koczon told the Asbury Park Press. "So we explained to them why and then after, when we got in the car, Jesse was just all of a sudden crying.”

In addition to Christie’s tweet, Christie’s spokesman Kevin Roberts sent the Asbury Park Press a response saying”

"The Governor's Office has seen the video (possibly dozens of times by now) and really enjoyed it."

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