#SwiftaWish: Delaware Police Department Puts Out Viral Video in Hopes of Making Teen Battling Cancer's Dream of Meeting Taylor Swift a Reality

A Delaware police department that gained fame when one of their officers jamming out to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” went viral is now hoping it can help a 13-year-old battling cancer get her wish to meet Swift.

The Dover Police Department put out a video of “Victoria’s Wish” Wednesday in hopes that it will catch the music superstar’s attention.

The department is trying to match Victoria Marsh up with Swift around the time of Swift’s June concert in Philadelphia. Victoria, 13, is a Swift super fan who has Down's syndrome and is battling osteosarcoma -- a form of bone cancer that has already claimed her left leg. The hope is to get Swift to either FaceTime with Victoria or meet her in person in June.

It wouldn’t be the first time Dover PD caught Swift’s attention. After the “Shake It Off” dashcam video of Officer Jeff Davis was seen by millions on YouTube, Swift’s record label sent them tickets to the June concert. Dover PD in turn offered those tickets to Victoria but because of her chemotherapy treatments, she can’t attend the show.

Police hope people see the video then share it on social media using #TeamVictoria and #SwiftaWish.

“It is the hope of the family and the Dover Police Department that the video will quickly become popular and reach Taylor Swift so that Victoria’s wish will come true and she will gain support from around the country,” said a police news release.

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