‘Victim 1' in Sandusky Case Was a Star Runner

The New York Times gives a detailed report into the life of the first victim to accuse Sandusky of sex abuse

A high school runner from Central Mountain High School in Mill Hall, Pa., has been identified as "Victim One", according to the New York Times.

Prosecutors claim the boy met Sandusky for the first time at age 11 or 12, through his involvement in Sandusky's charity the Second Mile.

Sandusky also gave the boy gifts, like money, a computer, and golf clubs, according to prosecutors.

A former neighbor of "Victim One", from Lock Haven, Pa. recalls seeing the young boy wearing designer clothes, and showing off his gifts.

"Once he came home and said, 'Look, I got a new set of golf clubs, I don't even play golf," Joshua Fravel told the New York Times.

Fravel also remembers overhearing an argument between the boy and his mother because he didn't want to attend a scheduled trip with the Second Mile, he told the newspaper.

Thom Hunter, a former coach at Central Mountain High School, told the Times -- he always felt the boy, who was a star on the track team, had deep personal problems.

"He used to say to me, 'Running is what keeps me strong, it helps me let out frustration,'" Hunter told the New York Times.

Hunter also told the newspaper that school officials, who may have been aware of the allegations against Sandusky, told him he should not be alone with the boy, but never specified a reason why.

Joseph Amendola, lawyer for Sandusky, says the boy known as "Victim One" made the abuse allegations in retaliation, and that he has exaggerated his claims of being molested, according to the New York Times report.

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