Victim Almost Helps Burglar Carry His TV: Cops

Police say a Wilmington homeowner offered to help a man carry a flat screen television before quickly realizing that the man was burglarizing his home.

A Wilmington man’s kindness helped lead to the arrest of two alleged burglars, according to the Wilmington News Journal.

The Journal reports that the man returned to his home at noon on Wednesday when he noticed Gary D. Hairston, 35, carrying a flat screen television down the street.

Police say the homeowner offered to help him carry the T.V. until he noticed something strange; the television Hairston was carrying belonged to him. The homeowner then looked up at his house and noticed his door was open.

The man began to chase Hairston and quickly dialed 9-11, according to police. The Journal reports that Hairston jumped into a car allegedly driven by Andrea Johnson, 28. The two were quickly intercepted by police as they drove down Pennsylvania Avenue, according to the Journal.

Police say Hairston jumped out of the car and tried to run across Delaware Avenue. Two police officers chased him down, using a taser gun before arresting him.

The Journal reports that Hairston gave police a fake name. He is charged with burglary, possession of burglary tools, criminal impersonation, resisting arrest and other related charges.

Police also say that Hairston was wanted on outstanding warrants for unrelated burglaries. Johnson was also arrested and charged with conspiracy. 

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