Victim 7 Contacted by Sandusky Weeks before Grand Jury Trial: Court Documents

This is the verbatim account of Victim 7 from the Grand Jury presentment

 This is the verbatim account of Victim 7 from the Grand Jury presentment used to bring charges against former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

Victim 7, now 26 years old, met Sandusky through the Second Mile program, to which he was referred by a school counselor at about the age of 10, in 1994.

When Victim 7 had been in the program for a couple of years, Sandusky contacted Victim 7's mother and invited Victim 7 to a Penn State football game. He would also attend Sandusky's son's State College High School football games with Sandusky. Victim 7 enjoyed going on the field at Penn State games, interacting with players and eating in the dining hall with the athletes. Victim 7 would stay overnight at Sandusky's home on Friday nights before the home games and then go to the games with him. Sometimes they would go out for breakfast and would attend coaches meetings. Victim 6 was also a part of this group of boys. He knew B.K. and several other boys that were in Sandusky's circle.

Victim 7 testified that Sandusky made him uncomfortable when he was a young boy. He
described Sandusky putting his hand on Victim 7's left thigh when they were driving in the car
or when they would pull into his garage. Victim 7 eventually reacted to this by sitting as far
away from Sandusky as he could in the front seat.
He also described more than one occasion on which Sandusky put his hands down the waistban of Victim 7's pants. Sandusky never touched any private parts of Victim 7. Victim 7 would always slide away because he was very uncomfortable with Sandusky's behavior. Victim 7 described Sandusky cuddling him when he stayed at his home, lying behind him with his around the boy. Sandusky also bear-hugged Victim 7 and cracked his back. He also took Victim 7 to Holuba Hall to work out and then to the East Area Locker rooms to shower. Victim 7 was very uncomfortable with this shared showering. Sandusky would tell Victim 7 to shower next to him even though there were multiple other showerheads in the locker room. Victim 7 testified that he has a "blurry memory" of some contact with Sandusky in the shower but is unable to recall it clearly.
Victim 7 had not had contact with Sandusky for nearly two years but was contacted by Sandusky and separately by Sandusky's wife and another Sandusky friend in the weeks prior to Victim 7's appearance before the Grand Jury. The callers left messages saying the matter was very important.
Victim 7 did not return these phone calls.

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