Victim 3 Spent Time and Slept Over in Sandusky's Home: Court Documents

This is the verbatim account of Victim 3 from the Grand Jury presentment

This is the verbatim account of Victim 3 from the Grand Jury presentment used to bring charges against former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

Victim 3, now age 24, met Sandusky through The Second Mile in the summer of 2000, when he was between seventh and eighth grade. The boy met Sandusky during his second year in the program.

Sandusky began to invite Victim 3 to go places with him. Victim 3 was invited to Sandusky's home for dinner, to hang out, walk the family dogs and to go to Penn State football games and to Holuba Hall and the gym. When Victim 3 went to the with Sandusky, they would exercise and then shower. He recalls feeling uncomfortable and choosing a shower at a distance from Sandusky. Sandusky then made him feel bad about showering at a distance from him, so Victim 3 moved closer. Sandusky initiated physical contact in the shower with Victim 3 by patting him, rubbing his shoulders, washing his hair and giving him bear hugs. These hugs would be both face to face and with Sandusky's chest to Victim 3's back. Victim 3 said that on atleast one occasion, Sandusky had an erection when he bear hugged Victim 3 from behind.

He also recalled that when he slept over at Sandusky's residence, he slept in the basement bedroom. He testified that Sandusky would come into the bedroom where he was lying down. He sometimes said he was going to give Victim 3 a shoulder rub; sometimes he would blow on Victim 3's stomach; other times he tickled Victim 3. Sandusky would rub the inside of Victim 3's thigh when he tickled him. On two occasions Victim 3 recalls that Sandusky touched Victim 3's genitals through the athletic shorts Victim 3 wore to bed. Victim 3 would roll over on his stomach to prevent Sandusky from touching his genitals.

Victim 3 knew Victim 4 to spend a great deal of time with Sandusky.

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