Vice Principal Admits to Sexting Students

Pennbrook Middle School administrator paid teen to text about masturbation

The former vice principal of Pennbrook Middle School has admitted sending salacious text messages to two teenage students.

Thirty-seven-year-old Charles Daniel Hurst pleaded to guilty to two counts of corrupting a minor and one of cocaine possession Wednesday in Montgomery County Court.

The former administrator had explicit conversations with two boys who attended the school. He was accused of encouraging a 13-year-old boy to masturbate and then he set up a reward system in which Hurst would pay an extra dollar to the allowance he was already giving the boy every time the boy would tell or text Hurst that he masturbated.

Hurst met the 13-year-old victim at the middle school and spent a lot of personal time with him on distance runs and ski trips. The young teen told prosecutors that Hurst told him masturbating would help him grow and make him smart and happy.

He was not charged with having any physical contact with either one of the boys.

Hurst had left the North Penn School District for another job before he was charged. He has been on unpaid leave from the Lower Moreland School District since he was charged last summer.

Sentencing is scheduled for May.

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