GUILTY Verdict: Ft. Dix Terror Trial


That's the unanimous verdict is the Ft. Dix Terror trial.

Five muslim immigrants were charged with plotting an attack on Fort Dix. Prosecutors argued they were intent on killing soldiers.

The defense argued that the men were all talk and no action. That they were under the influence of a very persuasive FBI informant. The informant's tapes were played during the trial.

The defense at times painted the 5 men almost as dumb and dumber friends who couldn't even find their way from one point to another in their car, much less carry out a terror attack.

The government painted a picture of a group of men who not only brainstormed about how to harm U.S. troops, but had the mind-set to carry out an attack.

The men lived for years in the Philadelphia suburb of Cherry Hill.

There was no attack before the men were arrested in May 2007.

The men now face life in prison for their convictions.

Click here to read the entire U.S. Attorney General's relese on the convictions.

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