Veggie Burgers Recalled Over Potential Peanut Allergy Concerns

Vegetarian food maker MorningStar Farms has issued a voluntary recall for two types of black bean burgers because the products may contain peanuts, which is not listed on the label.

MorningStar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burgers — both 9.5 and 18.9 oz packages — with better if used by dates between April 14, 2016 and June 30, 2016 are part of the recall.

The Chipotle Black Bean Burger with a best if used by date of March 22, 2016 through June 30, 2016 is also included.

The company said the products' spice mix could cause a person with a peanut allergy to have a reaction. Such a reaction could result in a rash, vomiting, or in severe cases, a swelling of a person's throat causing them to stop breathing.

MorningStar Farms said customers can return the items to the store where they were purchased for a refund.

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