Vandals Target Youth Athletic Facility

The same facility has been vandalized 10 times in 3 years

Vandals have targeted the Toms River South Raiders youth athletic facility-- smashing a printer, television and a scale used for weighing players.

"This is a disgrace. This whole organization is sickened by this," said David Glazer, Toms River South Raiders.

To make matters worse, this isn't the first time the organization, which runs football and cheerleading programs, has been targeted by vandals. The same building has been hit ten times in the past three years, totaling close to $15,000 in damages.

“Every time they come, it’s just more destructive than the last,” said Glazer.

No arrests have been made and police aren't sure if the same people are responsible for all these crimes.

The building is owned by the Toms River School District and the closest surveillance camera is several hundred feet away, but it apparently didn't capture any clues to help catch these criminals.

“If we can’t get that money back, we’re going to have to raise our rates and that’s just horrible,” said Kelley Mahan, Toms River South Raiders.

The president of the club is planning to meet with school district officials and will discuss getting a  surveillance camera installed closer to the building.

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