Vandals Destroy St. Michael Statue Outside Newark VFW

Police are searching for the vandals responsible for destroying a recently built statue of St. Michael, the patron saint of soldiers, paramedics, and police, outside the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Newark.

Police believe the vandalism occurred on the 4th of July.

The statue and the courtyard it resided in were both built and designed by a local Eagle Scout.

"He spent a lot of time planning this, raising money and just a lot of time building this," explained Ronald Debbrecht of the VFW Post.

The vandalism occurred only about 85 feet away from the police department, with whom the VFW Post shares a parking lot.

The VFW is looking for a way to repair it but they do not have the funds at the moment.They plan to install a surveillance camera to dissuade any future attempts to vandalize the patron saint.

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