Valentines Day Gifts 2013

Viewers share what they got for Valentine's Day.

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NBC10's Lu Ann Cahn received flowers from her husband.
Brittany Burnet
Brittany Burnet personalized her Valentine's Day card for her boyfriend.
Maureen St. John
Woodbury students with local artist Doris Nogueira Rogers. The group handmade over 400 hearts and did a walking distribution all over downtown Woodbury/
Danielle Wooten
Danielle Wooten got gifts from her mother for herself and her daughter.
Jennifer Cox
Jennifer Cox didn't get a gift, but she 147 collected bears for kids at CHOP in memory of a child who lost his fight with cancer last year.
Michelle Grossman
NBC10 meteorologist Michelle Grossman's daughter enjoys a Valentine's Day treat.
Christopher Nickey
Christopher Nickey wishes his wife Christina a Happy Valentine's day with a poem: “One word Frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is Love.”
Nichole Becker
Nichole Becker's children got a new puppy for Valentine's Day, courtesy of their dad.
Beth Depa
Gianna Depa with her Valentine's treats.
Chelsea Stafford
Chelsea Stafford's husband, Ryan is currently in BMT (Air Force Boot Camp). He left January 29th and I will not see him until March 29th. She received this in the mail, a real rose dipped in 24kt gold from him.
The doctor is in-- this is Mason from Broomall all ready for his first Valentine's Day!
Debbie McEneaney
My favorite valentine turns one today. He is the best valentines day gift I will ever get.
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