Valentine's Day Baby Delivered in Rush Hour Traffic on Pennsylvania's Blue Route

Two officers helped a mother and father safely deliver their baby girl on the Blue Route during morning rush hour on Valentine's Day.

Two Montgomery County police officers were dispatched to an interesting scene early on Valentine’s Day.

In the middle of morning rush hour on the Blue Route (Interstate 476), a mother was in labor.

The mother and father had to park their car on the shoulder of the highway. A 911 dispatcher was giving instructions to the father on the phone as the couple waited for the police officers to arrive.

To their surprise, when West Conshohocken patrolmen Matt Evangelist and Ron Ernst opened the door to the vehicle at 8:18 a.m., they saw that the father was already helping to deliver the baby who was almost out.

The mother was able to safely give birth to a baby girl with the help of the 911 dispatcher and the two officers.

“She was breathing and she had good color," Evangelist said. "We gave her a little rub on her forearm to make sure her throat was clear and all that stuff."

The group took care of the infant, named Layla, as they waited for an ambulance.

"She cried and we just wrapped her up then and waited for the ambulance to show up,” Evangelist said.

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