Mrs. Utley Takes on the Moving Guys

While Chase Utley took on Major League baseball his wife, Jen, took on another opponent -- moving guys.

Mrs. Utley accused movers of taking a considerable amount of stuff when they moved the Utleys last year. Utley filed suit in Common Pleas Court where she is looking for $13,000 from Sanford Alderfer Transport, Inc. of Hatfield, Pa.

She alleged that “various personal items” were lost by Sanford Alderfer when the Utleys swapped Center City condos, according to's Dan Gross.

It's unknown exactly what allegedly went missing.

The Utleys' lawyer and Sanford Alderfer both declined comment, said Gross.

This whole incident left fans with one question. Why would a moving company be motivated to take anything from the Utleys?

Maybe they were Mets fans, joked the 700 Level.


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The case will be heard in court early next year.

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