Working Mom Left Toddlers Home Alone: Police

A local mom's accused of leaving her kids home alone and the 5-year old in charge.

The little girl was walking her 2-year old brother across a busy street in Upper Darby one day this week.

Someone alerted police.

When they questioned the kids, the little girl told them she was taking care of her brother while her mom was at work. The pre-schooler said someone did call to check on them every now and then.

At the apartment where the children live, police found the gas on, the stove was open and a hot dog inside.

The little girl told police that what she'd fixed herself and her brother for lunch.


That's how police Superintendent Mike Chitwood described the case. He said it took police several hours to track down the mom. She was charged with various crimes included child endangerment.

The children were checked out at a local hospital and are now living with a relative.

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