2 Teens Bring Guns to School: Cops

Two teens were arrested for allegedly carrying loaded guns to school.

Upper Darby Police Department

Police arrested two Upper Darby High School students for allegedly carrying loaded guns during school hours on Monday, according to the Delco Times.

Police say they discovered a loaded .25-caliber gun, a .38-caliber gun, a Taser gun, six .38-caliber bullets, a knife and marijuana from both 15-year-old boys.

One student allegedly sold the handgun and Taser gun to his classmate for $100 during their homeroom period.

A fellow student noticed the gun on the 15-year-old and reported it to a teacher, according to police.

The high school’s security found the weapons in one of the student’s backpack as well as the loaded .25-caliber gun in the pocket of his hoodie before he was arrested, according to police Superintendent Michael Chitwood. 

Investigators say the boy who allegedly purchased the .38-caliber gun was found and police retrieved the weapon. 

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