Strike at Pa. Convention Center Ends After 1 Day

A one-day strike for union workers at the Pennsylvania Convention Center comes to an end.

This morning, four of the six unions who work there walked off the job. Tonight, they reached a settlement, agreeing to a 1 year collective bargaining agreement extensions.

Earlier in the day, union picketers blocked access to loading docks at the Convention Center. For hours, this created trouble for exhibitors who were trying to load up supplies from a convention that just ended.

"We can't get it out. Nope, we're being help hostage," said Kenny Kehr, one of the landscaping and gardening exhibitors.

The Carpenters, Stagehands, Teamsters and Riggers Unions went on strike over a contract proposal that they said would grant additional exhibitor rights for future conventions and cut back on work hours for the union members.

The Electricians Union did not go on strike, but they were honoring the picket line of other union workers. The only union not to strike was the Laborers Union.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center recently got a $780 million dollar taxpayer-funded expansion.

"There will be a lot of exhibitors that will not want to come back to this convention center. This is bad for Philadelphia," said Kehr.

Next week, the Convention Center is set to host a Diabetes Educators Convention, set to bring in $23 million dollars.

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