UFO Revealed: Shiny Blue Object Seen From Plane

A Youtube video showing a mysterious glowing object hovering over Atlantic City has gained popularity online.

The glowing blue object in the sky above Atlantic City may have looked like a UFO, but rest assured: Aliens are not invading Earth, and nobody has declared war on mankind.

A video highlighted by a UFO conspiracy website that was recorded by an airplane passenger and appeared to show an unidentified flying object actually showed the The Pearl, a giant ball wrapped in 250,000 LED lights that sits atop the Revel Casino in Atlantic City.

"Dozens of people believe it to be a UFO," The Revel wrote in an email to NBC Philadelphia. "In reality, the object is The Pearl/The Pearl on top of Revel."

The video, which shows a glowing, blue object in the sky, was recorded on Dec. 29 by a passenger on a flight from Florida to Pennsylvania. It was posted to YouTube on Jan. 3.

Credit: Youtube.com/riadbsc2004

The YouTube description states the following:

Recently my brother was on a flight back from Florida and they were over the ocean and were told they were over 30,000 feet high. My brother just happened to be filming outside his window and what he captured was amazing and shocking. This is not some bulls**t video as it is 100% real. Other passengers on the plane at the window saw the same thing but only my brother and another lady had time to shoot it. My brother not only shot it but took video of it. It clear is a UFO and the shocking thing is this thing did not move. It was hovering and it’s not a weather balloon or sate-light. It has a large glowing blue dome and is glowing and as the plane moved it stayed still. It also appeared to just hover there and was bigger than a billboard you would see on a highway and the shape is almost a triangle. The FAA is already aware of it as it was reported by people on the flight and the pilots ran out of the cock pit as soon as the plane landed. Tommy Dreamer actually met with my brother to view the footage and he is even shocked at it. There is an investigation under way as this is clearly something out of a UFO movie.

The Pearl isn’t quite as cool as a UFO but it’s still pretty spectacular in its own right. The Revel sent NBC10 the following fun facts about the object:

  • The Pearl is wrapped in 250,000 programmable LEDs
  • The LED work of art can be seen at least 10 miles away land and up to 200 miles at sea under perfect conditions
  • 40 feet in diameter and weighs 90,000 pounds
  • Created in ten months from concept to completion
  • Composed of up of 20,580 pucks, each puck has 6 diodes and each diode has 3 LED lights for a total of 370,440 individual LEDs
  • A geodesic shape made up of 980 triangles
  • Has 71 lightning rods that are each 2 feet long
  • It is possible to enter or be in The Pearl. While not spacious, interior access is used for maintenance of the work of art
  • Perched 710 feet above sea level and is not the tallest point on Revel.  That distinction goes to the two FAA required and approved red aviation warning and navigational beacons that are actually on top of The Pearl (but that cannot be seen from street level)
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